Our warranties give you added peace of mind. Rest assured that your investment is secured and maintained by a team of experts that you can rely on.

Manufacturer Warranty

At Champion, we believe in giving you the highest quality service for your money even after installation. All of our light fixture products come with at least a 2 year manufacturer warranty. Depending on the manufacturer you can get up to a 10-year manufacturer warranty.  Labor is not included.

Workmanship Warranty

We include and guarantee a 1 year workmanship warranty with every new system installation that protects your investment and gives you the most longevity and enjoyment out of your system. This warranty does not cover damages occurring from acts of God or natural phenomena (e.g. insects, chewed or damaged wires from animals, fire, tornado, lighting, etc), excessively dirty or unmaintained fixtures, misuse of any wiring, transformer or fixture. It is important to contact a team member at Champion Outdoor Lighting to assist in any modification or repair of any such product. Any misuse or changes performed by anyone except a team member at Champion Outdoor Lighting will nullify any implied or stated warranties. It is the customers responsibility, not Champion Outdoor Lighting to ensure that mulch or any other debris does not cover the light fixtures.