Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about landscape lighting.

Installation & Investment

We are a Happy Valley (Greater Portland Area) based lighting company with over a decade of experience in landscaping, exterior maintenance and outdoor lighting. As a local, family owned business, we understand the importance of working with reliable, and trustworthy contractors and here at Champion we are committed to working closely with you to ensure that all your needs are met and are exceeding your expectation throughout the entire design and installation process and for years after.

Champion Outdoor Lighting is a full service design/ build firm. We create custom, one of a kind designs and provide installation services. We also offer the most comprehensive maintenance plans available to keep your system running like new and to keep your investment protected.

We service the entire Greater Portland/Vancouver area including: Battle Ground, Beaverton, Camas, Clackamas, Gresham, Happy Valley, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, Portland, Ridgefield, Tigard, West Linn, Wilsonville, Vancouver and beyond.

Increased property value: One of the main benefits of outdoor LED lighting is that it can increase your property value. If you are thinking about selling your home or business in the future, having a well-lit property will definitely be a selling point for potential buyers.

Safety & security: In addition to increasing your property value, outdoor LED lighting can also deter crime. Outdoor lighting makes your walkways, steps, entryways and driveways safer for family and friends. A well-lit property is less likely to be targeted by criminals, so you can rest assured knowing that your home or business is safe.

Mood & ambience: Outdoor LED lighting can also enhance the look of your property. If you take pride in your home or business, you want it to look its best at all times – and that includes nighttime. With outdoor LED lighting, you can create a beautiful ambiance that will make your property stand out from the rest and gives you a new excuse to spend more time outside with your friends and family. Patio lights, deck lights, and pathway lights are just a few of the ways you can enhance the look of your property. With outdoor LED lighting, you can create a beautiful ambiance that will make your property stand out from the rest.

Energy efficiency: Modern LED landscape lighting has become more energy efficient than traditional lighting options. LED lights consume less energy than conventional options, reducing electricity bills and environmental footprint. They are energy efficient, and color temperatures are warm, soft, and beautiful.

Flexibility & control: Our landscape lighting systems have many control options, including programmable astronomical timers, dimmers, and smart controls. For example, our automatic timers adjust to daylight savings time, so your lights will always turn on when needed. We also have options for color lighting with thousands of color combinations from your favorite sports teams to holidays.

There are a number of factors that play into the cost of a new lighting system including; type of fixtures, quantity of fixtures, size of property and difficulty of installation. The average cost for a lighting system varies between $3,500 and $20,000.

Depending on the size of the design, an installation can take 1-5 days. A typical installation takes 1-2 days to complete. You’ll be notified prior to our arrival on how long we plan to be there. If any installation complications or difficulties arise (weather, etc), we will notify you.

The general rule of thumb is to bury wire at least six inches below the surface. This ensures that the wiring doesn’t resurface or isn’t accidentally cut by edgers.

Yes. If we are involved in a project before concrete has been poured, we can prep the area for the fixtures ahead of time. This means we run conduit for our wires and put a concrete mold where the light fixture will be placed so when the time comes, we can simply drop in the fixture. 

More often than not, we work with clients to light their already built homes so pre-wiring and setting concrete molds is not an option at this point. When this happens, we use a core drill to core out a hole in the concrete and then recess a well light fixture into the cored hole. We will also need to cut a wire path for the low voltage wire that will power this fixture. Depending on the location of the lights, we use the expansion joints in the concrete, create new expansion joints if none exist or running wire through a seam. Every project is different, and our experienced team will take the time to walk through the best solution for your project.

We require a 50% deposit for all projects upon approval of the quote. Depending on the project size and length of installation we can accommodate a custom payment plan.

Yes! We offer flexible financing with Wisetack. With Wisetack, you can select the loan option that best fits your budget and pay in easy monthly installments rather than all at once upfront. We offer interest-free financing up to 12 months* on services between $500 and $25,000.*

*All financing is subject to credit approval. Terms may vary. Payment options through Wisetack are provided by our lending partners. For example, a $1,000 purchase could cost $45.18 a month for 24 months, based on a 7.9% APR. See additional terms at

All of our light fixture products come with at least a 2 year limited manufacturer warranty. Depending on the manufacturer you can get up to a 10-year limited manufacturer warranty. We also include and guarantee a 1 year workmanship warranty with every new system installation that protects your investment and gives you the most longevity and enjoyment out of your system. Please see our Warranty page for full details.

Control & Capabilities

Yes, landscaping lights are dimmable. If want to dim your landscape lighting you will need 2 things. First you will need to ensure that your lighting fixtures, have dimming capabilities. It can be done with either bulbed or integrated fixtures. Second you will need to insure you have a smart system controller. These systems are WiFi controllers and allow access for app control on your phone or iPad.

Yes. You can control your lights using 2 types of smart systems. The first option will be a WiFi smart system transformer. This allows you to sync to your home internet allowing app access to the controller. This transformer is typically used on color changing, zoning and dimming system. The second option is a plug in wifi smart socket designed for any low voltage transformers. The smart socket is the most cost-effective and easiest to install. The smart socket can be added at any time to your lighting system.

All lighting systems are controlled by low voltage transformers and there are many options to control your lighting system. From analog photo cells and timers to being able to control your system through your mobile device, most of our clients choose to use an astrological timer. This is our most popular option because it automatically self-adjusts throughout the year.

Depending on the size of the design, an installation can take 1-5 days. A typical installation takes 1-2 days to complete. You’ll be notified prior to our arrival on how long we plan to be there. If any installation complications or difficulties arise (weather, etc), we will notify you.

Yes, in most cases you can convert part of your landscape lighting system to be motion activated. These sensors are ideal near entryways, pathways, and any other spaces where it can help eliminate darkness.

While landscape lighting is traditionally white, we love when clients ask if color changing options are available. With our color changing system you still have the option of selecting the traditional look, but you also have the option of selecting from a spectrum of 30,000 vibrant possibilities. Color changing systems are controlled from smart phones or tablets using WiFi connection. This allows you to set themes for the big game or even something fun like a birthday party. Most clients are adding coloring changing systems for a unique modern feel to their outdoor living spaces.

Fixtures & Transformers

If properly maintained, your LED landscape lighting system can last you for 10-15 years. If you invest more into the quality and type of lights, your system will last you longer.

Compared to halogen bulbs, LEDs produce little heat on the surface. Heat is produced in the driver board and needs to be addressed correctly by the manufacturer. Our FX Luminaire outdoor lighting fixtures all have heat sink technology, increasing the fixture’s contact with the cool air. A thermal-sensing monitor actively regulates the temperature of the board to safeguard the LEDs against overheating.

An integrated LED fixture is engineered for optimum performance. These fixtures are usually higher priced, but typically have a fully managed heat dissipation system. The focus on heat management reduces the threat of LED color shift over time, and overheating an LED. The built-in optics platform provides a simple configuration for adjusting color temperature and beam angle. FX Luminaire LED systems offer more control over your lighting design. Control is the future of lighting. When effects, control, longevity, and ease of installation are important factors, an integrated LED system is the best option.

Halogen-based lamps can use anywhere between 10 and 50 watts of power each, and sometimes more. We use FX Luminaire LED fixtures, which use as low as 2 watts, providing up to 80% lower energy costs, longer lamp life, and less impact on the environment.