Unique Landscape Lighting Ideas & Inspiration

Lighting Inspiration

For those of you looking to transform your outdoor spaces into captivating and enchanting environments, traditional lighting schemes may fall short of the mark. Let’s uncover some innovative ways to light up your outdoor areas with flair and imagination. From whimsical garden installations to mesmerizing pathway and paver accents, let’s discover how to infuse your outdoor spaces with personality and charm through unconventional lighting solutions.


Paver Lights

Paver lights open a range of exciting possibilities for creative lighting design in both classic and contemporary applications. These drive-over-rated lights seamlessly integrate with standard paver systems and feature an attractive dark slate finish that effectively complements environmental needs. When used with Luxor® technology, these fixtures are capable of zoning, dimming, and color control.

Power Source: Low Voltage
Brand: FXLuminaire
Price: $$


Globe Garden Lights

Moonlight might be perfect for creating a magical outdoor mood, but these are the next best thing. These natural, organic shapes emit an understated, warm white, cool white or colored glow along pathways, clustered in a flowerbed or are perfect for any outdoor activity.

Power Source: Battery, 120V
Brand: Las Sola
Price: $$$


Reed Shaped Lights

Featuring a linear reed-like shape, these lights offer a unique and elegant decorative effect for outdoor spaces, gardens, courtyards, and yards. The modernist style design seamlessly blends with modern architectural styles, showcasing simplicity and sophistication and is a fun addition to tall grasses and hard to reach areas.

Power Source: Solar, Low Voltage, 120V
Brand: Las Sola
Price: $$$


Menhir Di Luce

These might be a little over the top but, these lights act as a design object during the day and a light feature at night. The well-made garden lights have a minimalistic and natural design that compliments any outdoor décor. They are remarkably durable, withstanding even the most extreme elements like ice and desert sun. The outdoor lights are waterproof, so they’re the perfect poolside companion. Whether you use a single light to accent outdoor décor or use a series of lights to illuminate the outskirt of an outdoor dining area these are the perfect, over the top accent to your landscaping.

Power Source: Low Voltage, 120V
Brand: Menhir Di Luce
Price: $$$$


We hope these have sparked your imagination and inspired you to reimagine your outdoor spaces as blank canvases. Remember, the key to creating truly remarkable outdoor lighting designs lies in your willingness to think outside the box. Whether you opt for some of these DIY creations or enlist the help of professionals like us, let your creativity be your guide as you illuminate your outdoor spaces in ways that are as unique as you are.

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