Why LED Bulbs are Better Than Halogen Bulbs

LED based landscape lights provide a number of distinct efficiency and practical advantages to halogen bulbs. Because of these advantages, LED optimization is the future of the outdoor lighting industry. If you are still using halogen bulbs in your landscape lighting system, here are a few considerations on why LED bulbs are better than halogen […]

Why You Should Hire Outdoor Lighting Professionals

We get asked quite often how we differ from landscapers, why we are more expensive, or why you should hire outdoor lighting professionals in the first place. While landscapers excel at designing and maintaining outdoor environments, when it comes to lighting, there’s a distinct advantage to hiring outdoor lighting professionals. Let’s talk about some of […]

Color Temperature and Your Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting plays a crucial role in shaping the ambiance and visual appeal of your outdoor spaces, particularly landscapes. One often overlooked aspect of lighting design is color temperature. The color temperature of light not only affects visibility but also influences the mood and atmosphere of the environment and that’s exceptionally important here in Oregon […]

Why Outdoor Lighting Matters in Oregon & Washington

Living in Oregon and Washington is a privilege many of us cherish. From the towering evergreens to the rugged coastlines, the Pacific Northwest boasts unparalleled natural beauty. Yet, as the sun sets and the clouds roll in, for many of us, the need for outdoor lighting becomes increasingly apparent. Let’s talk about why outdoor lighting […]

Why You Should Ditch Your Solar Landscape Lights

The truth is that most solar landscape lights do not even come close to the durability and brilliance of a low-voltage LED lighting system. If you are looking for reasons to ditch your solar lights, here are a few: Durability Low-voltage LED outdoor lighting systems are built to last. With proper installation, they can easily […]

Benefits of Installing Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting

Installing a low-voltage LED landscape lighting system is a great way to improve your property value and make it look even better at night. Let’s explore the benefits of outdoor lighting and how it can improve your home or business. Property Value: One of the main benefits of outdoor lighting is that it can increase […]