Lakewood Home

The client originally reached out to Champion Outdoor Lighting for maintenance on their existing system. After our initial consultation and walkthrough we quickly realized that there were many improperly placed and installed fixtures. In addition to moving around the old lighting and providing an updated design to better align with our clients needs, we added over 50 new lights to elevate the entire property so the client could enjoy their front and backyard indoors and out.


Lakewood, WA


Maintenance, Lighting Design, Installation

Number of Lights


Key Project Takeaway

The previous installer had missed a ton of spaces that resulted in dead or blank spots. We were able to move around some existing lights and bring in new ones to create a more complete design and fill in those spots. Now you’re able to enjoy the entire backyard while you look out the windows, sit in the hot tub or are relaxing in the boat or dock on the lake. Hire the right person for the job the first time.

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