Up Lighting

Boost your curb appeal and create a dramatic effect by highlighting architectural features, and other elements, adding depth and dimension to your home.

Transform your home with up lighting.

If you want to transform your home’s exterior into a stunning masterpiece that will leave your neighbors envious, you’ve come to the right place. Up lighting can help you achieve that wow factor, creating a dramatic and elegant look that will showcase your home in the best possible light.


Proper lighting can help prevent trips and falls, making your outdoor space safer for you, your family, and your guests.

Aesthetic Appeal

Well-designed lighting can enhance the beauty of your outdoor living space, highlighting architectural features and landscaping.

Extended Living Space

With the right lighting, you can use your deck or patio well into the night, creating more opportunities for outdoor entertaining or relaxation.

Custom curb appeal lighting design.

At Champion, we understand the importance of outdoor lighting and have a range of services to meet your needs. We offer custom curb appeal lighting design, installation, and maintenance to ensure that your outdoor space remains functional and beautiful for years to come. Our team of experts is committed to delivering high-quality and reliable services to our clients.

Why choose us?

We’re glad you asked! Our team of professionals has extensive experience in the industry and is passionate about creating stunning outdoor lighting designs. We use only the highest quality materials and latest technology to deliver top-notch results. Don’t let your beautiful property go unnoticed in the dark. Trust us, your property will thank you!